k3s - My first public Ansible Role

Today marks the first time I have dared to release an Ansible role to Ansible Galaxy. It’s not my first role and it certainly isn’t my best, unfortunately my best role to date - a role for configuring Tinc - has (kind of) been donated to the company I work for.

So without further ado, please may I introduce…


For anyone who has been following the news recently, Rancher Labs released K3s - also known as “Lightweight Kubernetes” and you can download it from https://k3s.io/.

Even better, if you like to use Ansible, you can download and use my role to build your own k3s cluster.

Ansible Galaxy: xanmanning.k3s

Install: ansible-galaxy install xanmanning.k3s

It’s nothing special but it will probably get you started with k3s.


I’m not going to have a lot of time to maintain the role, though I will try my best. K3s is also not yet a v1.0 release and will likely change a lot so the role will probably break in the near future.

Happy Hacking!