First post of 2018

I am still alive, honest! I’ve just been super busy being a geek. I’m still trying to continue my AWS education but this has been put on hold for some Azure training. I’m slowly becoming quite cloud agnostic and trying to be smart with it.

So here’s a rundown of what I have been doing over the past 6 months…

  1. Refining my Ansible skills (mainly for work).
  2. Playing with Terraform (personally more than professionally).
  3. Learning more about Azure through training and BDD (very recent)
  4. Provisioning my own services using the infrastructure-as-code tools across AWS, Azure and Digital Ocean (GCP to follow). I’ve created my own networks, defined my VPNs (Tinc), carved up my subnets and set up some DNS.

So, as I proclaim. I’m doing, but I’m not posting anything particularly interesting yet. I don’t have much to really show apart from odd bits of boring ansible output.

I may draw the odd network diagram to describe what I have built for my cloud “lab” environments. I may release some of the roles I have written, especially anything that might be generic and helpful enough.

For now, you’ll have to just settle for some Ansible output:

Ansible controller

Figure1: Ansible Controller login

Ansible Provisioning Controller

Figure2: Ansible provision controller playbook

Oh yeh! I got my black belt!

Also, my wife and I got our next grade in karate, December 2017.

Black Belts!

Figure3: Black belt!!! Wife blurred out to protect her identity ;)